When something goes wrong in your house (water damage, electrical problems, smoke or even fire) there is the potential for panic, chaos and fear. Accidents happen and when they do, most of us are unprepared and don't know what to do or who to call. Before anything goes wrong, the first step is communication with your family. HAVE A PLAN. Have a meeting place. Have phone numbers programmed in your cell phone for the local fire, police and ambulance departments.  

At Custom Care Home Improvements we are experienced in working with home owners, insurance companies and insurance adjusters when it comes to insurance claims no matter how big or small your claim is.


After the damage to your home has been done, you pick up the phone and call your insurance company. They send out an "adjuster" that works for the insurance company.  The adjuster's job is to survey the damage to your home and to give recommendations to an outside contractor of their choice, who in turn quotes the insurance company and usually does the necessary repairs to your home once you have paid your required deductible as stated on your insurance policy (normally between $500.00 and $2000.00 depending on your coverage).

What you as a home owner may not know is that you don't have to go with your insurance company's contractor of choice. Like any other renovation job, you have the right to interview as many contractors of your choice and get as many estimates as you like to do the repairs in your home. As long as the price is in line and the job is specified to code, your insurance company must hire that contractor.

We have put many home owners at ease by taking the worry out of dealing with adjusters and unwanted phone calls as we deal with your insurance company directly once the restoration begins. From that point on you only deal with us, on a personal level. Most insurance contractors will come in, repair the damage as fast as they can, take the money and move on to the next job. We, on the other hand, want to give you more than what you originally had and usually do so at no additional cost. It's your house. You are required by law to pay for insurance if you have a mortgage and its your right to hire a contractor of your choice should the unthinkable happen.

This is what a burst pipe looks like. The water in the pipe froze and split the pipe because the builder of the home ran water lines in an uninsulated garage ceiling. Once the pipe burst the water thawed and found its way back into the house and caused major damage to the drywall and hardwood floors in the living room. Total cost to repair the damage; $8500.00.
The damage to this bathroom wasn't due to homeowner neglect. It was actually caused by poorly insulated exterior walls with no vapour barrier installed. Rain water was actually coming into the house. The framing was so rotted it all had to be replaced. Sorry pink tub and rubber ducky.
Total cost to repair the damage; $12,700.00.
Pipes in an uninsulated exterior wall froze and burst. The contractor who did this work was referred to the home owner by a major home improvement retailer. The basement flooded and caused extensive damage. Total cost to repair the damage; $170,000. 
Faulty wiring at its worst. The problem here is that not only is it illegal to have a splice in the wall like this, but this previous homeowner spliced aluminum and copper wire together incorrectly and hid it in the wall creating a potential and very real fire hazard unbeknownst to the new homeowners. 
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